Ghostbusters 2 Review
by Daryn


First of all, after seeing Ghostbusters 2, the movie, I thought nothing could be worse. I was wrong. THIS is worse. Where do I even start? This is a game-basher's dream-come-true. The story so far: A painting of Vigo, Scourge of Carpathia, has threatened to come to life on New Year's Eve in New York City. Apparently, he wants to see that friggin' ball drop, then party till he gets drunk, and he certainly doesn't wanna miss out on singing Auld Lange Syne. (I don't think I spelled it right, but most people are too drunk to even sing it right, let alone spell it.) So what are the Ghostbusters going to do about it? Well, instead of heading directly to the art museum and burning the painting to the ground, they're gonna play around in the sewers, take a joyride through central park, make the Statue of Liberty come to life just to get people to "ooh" and "ahh" at their incredibly useless technology, and then they'll bust the museum, all in time to get drunk on New Year's and throw up on each other, (oh, no wait, that's not them barfing...that's my puke hitting the screen from playing this awful game.)

So the Ghostbusters descend into the sewers armed with little paint guns. I suppose they figure the best way to stop an evil painting is to ruin it by shooting ugly purple paint all over it. You know, it's really interesting what you find in the sewers of New York. I always heard stories of rats and alligators, but it turns out that it's really infested by bouncing lanterns and pirate heads, and giant green floating snotballs. This first thing you'll notice, other than the bad graphics, is the ass backwards play control. The A button is for firing, and the B button is for jumping. Seeing the words "Quality Control" appear anywhere during this game makes me wanna put my foot through the screen. The programmers were sure to put lots of Ghostbusters Logos all over the place. This will keep you from forgetting this is supposed to be based on "Ghostbusters 2", since your characters look more like janitors with paint guns than the Ghostbusters.

The driving sequences are mildly amusing, but the best part of the game is watching your Ghostbuster/Janitor get slimed. Sometimes I just like to pop this game in, and watch him get slimed over and over again. The music is fairly decent, too...It's just too bad that when someone asked, "Who you gonna call?", the Ghostbusters were too busy partying in Times Square, so they sent a bunch of janitors instead.

The good news is, if you've ever seen the Filmation Ghostbusters cartoon, this isn't quite that bad. Once again, I don't know what the outcome of this game is. I only managed to get two janitors through the museum, before the rest passed out from being too drunk. When you lose, the painting comes to life, and covers New York City with blood (or maybe it's just a whole lot of red confetti?) Either way, it's only New York right, and everyone's too potted on New Year's Eve to really notice, anyway. In fact, I would like to rename this game, "New York Janitor's New Year's Eve Party 2000". It might even have sold better!

My breakdown of this game:
Story: 1 - I've seen worse done to movie plots in video games. That's the sad thing. (If they had called it what I wanted to change the title to, I would have given it a 10!)
Graphics: 1 - Well, they don't look quite as bad as New York itself, or as bad as the special effects in the movie, so I have to give them at least 1 point.
Sound: 4 - I liked the songs. They aren't composed too well, but maybe they're the only real reason I played this game long enough to be able to write a review.
Play Control: 0 - Please read above. Switching the functions of the A and B buttons isn't's suicidal.
Hero Rating: 1 - I have to give them some credit. For a bunch of janitors who try to rid New York of bouncing lanterns and bad art, they don't do a bad job. If only they would learn to work together, rather than just one janitor per level, maybe we'd have something here.
Overall Score: 3 - I'm trying to debate which would be a worse punishment: Sitting through the movie again, or playing this game one more time.

Update: Yeah, I was being a little hard on the movie. The first Ghostbusters is one of my favorite all-time movies, but I was disappointed by the second one and found most of it to be quite forgettable. The only part that actually made me laugh was the "Do Re Egon" line, but for years all my friends were convinced that line was from the first movie...but it isn't. HA!