by Daryn

Flying Omelette posted these pictures from an Ohio Health Department billboard campaign on her forums with the tag line, "If you want your kid to grow up to be a smug asshole or a porn star, make sure you breastfeed them, mothers!"

I mean, what a stupid campaign. You aren't going to convince me that the word "SATISFIES" in big letters next to a picture of a kid making a "porn" face with white dribble all over was not intentionally meant to evoke a sexual connotation. If I worked at the Ohio Health Department, I think I'd run a background check on whoever was responsible for this.

And, really, what kind of an argument is "satisifies"? I'm sure giving your kid several pounds of chocolate and allowing him to watch TV and play video games all day instead of going to school would satisfy him, too, but that doesn't mean it's good.

It's funny how all the ad's supporters go on about the health issues of breastfeeding, but why doesn't the ad say that? Why does it seem whenever someone tries to promote breastfeeding they cannot do it in such a way as to not insult those of us who were not breastfeed and mothers who can't? Nor can they seem to express the benefits of it any way that's meaningful. If "satisfies" is the best you can come up with, then I doubt anyone's going to care. This in-your-face, holier-than-thou method is pretentious and arrogant.

Another thing is the subtle racism in the ads, as was pointed out by Facilitypro (from and also FO's board): The white kid is neat and clean, but the black kid looks like a slob.

So anyway, I managed to find an article that had comments on the subject, and I added a little bit of the IncognitO touch to them under the names "Tit For Tat" and "Man Boob". Enjoy:

(The greatest part of all of this is that it was a Fox News website I pranked.)