Crazy Search Strings That Led to This Site
by Daryn

Despite being absent from this site for over two years, a lot of people have been finding it, according to my stat reports. And some have been finding it with rather odd search terms. Let's take a look at the weirdest and funniest of the bunch.

abbaabba ikari

adventure island 2 test - Okay, class, can you name at least five reasons this game sucks?

awsome voice saying incognito v

bad ghost busters 2 reveiw

boob tits pornstar

breastfeeding prank

creepy elevator music mp3

creepy things about earthbound - Giygas, Moonside, the Mani Mani Statue, the Lumine Hall Thought Wall, having your brain put into a robot, that tent with the face on it, that part where you follow that skanky woman into a hotel and the music gets all warped and weird and then you end up attacked by a horde of zombies and buried alive under the graveyard... You still want more?

darryn prank - I'm famous! But next time, spell my name right.

demon's crest vs castlevania

demons credt review - I guess even demons need loans once in awhile.

do do do dooooo do do do dooo theme song

do you really shiut when you're scared

earthbound final boss mindfuck - I guess I'm not the only one who felt that way about it.

earthbound is frightening - Again, I'm glad I'm not the only one who felt that way about it.

eerie funeral organ music

eye prank game

fourside department store dark help - Just follow the instructions to get to the top floor. Beat the boss and it won't be so dark anymore.

game music do dooo dooo

gargoyles machete

ghostbusters 2 is horrible

ghostbusters and giygas - Now there's a crossover fanfiction I'd gladly read!

ghostbusters how to make enough money - I'll assume this isn't someone who's literally trying to make enough money as a ghostbuster in real life, and say they're talking about the NES/Atari 2600 game. It's just a matter of driving everywhere and catching enough ghosts - which often depends on luck.

he name of this song with the do dee do dee do do do music in the background

health department prank

hilarious two guys

how do you beat the first demon in demon's crest - You mean the dragon? Or Arma?

how to beat the 1st stage in demon's crest - Dude! I thought I was terrible at games. If you can't even get past the first stage without looking up a FAQ, you can forget about beating any of the later bosses.

how to play demons crest memorial of the fallen ones piano

i've gone incognito

incognito breastfeeding

incognito ghostbusters

incognito phone prank - Most people I'd like to prank I don't know their phone numbers, so despite my attempt to start updating again, don't expect this anytime soon.

incognito scary video - The one from my high school reunion was pretty horrifying...

incognito slob

incognito touch phone

ironsword how to plau

is demon's crest worth playing? - I hope my review answered that question.

is earthbound a scary game - Well, it scared me good enough when I was younger, but then again I was playing it at 2 am.

is there going to be another demon crest game - Hasn't it been like 15 years now?

lamp shade prank

legend of zelda do do dooo do do dooo

music games for incognito

music that reminds you of incognito - Probably Demon's Crest or Ocarina of Time

ohio breastfeeding campaign - Wow! I didn't think anyone would actually find my site because of that. I hope they enjoyed what they found...

one day scared the shit outta me - The day itself? Was it Friday the 13th? Halloween?

phalanx game music underwater - Either someone wants to hear the final boss music of Demon's Crest played underwater or the SNES game Phalanx has an underwater stage.

pranks tit for tat

run up the flagpole by your underwear

satanic art
satanic goat
satanic goat art
- Yep, all on the same day.

scare the shit outta me games - I don't know if games can get scared and/or poop, so you might have trouble finding help with this.

scared the shit outta me - ...Do you want someone to hold your hand now or what?

scary flying game

scary metroid pics

scary video game that gets weirder the longer it's played

shit on me game - Neanderthals visit my site, too?

similar to positive incognito

snes sprite swimming

there was a movie in which skeleton demon come out of crests

thing game ideas

tit boob

tit touch

totino's party pizza metal gear - Someone was looking for Sweetbee's site and found mine instead.

touch a tit day - Keep dreaming, you pervert.

under tit

whats the song called that goes doooo do do dooo - Maybe it's by the Doobie Brothers.

when are they going to make another demons crest - Dude, probably never. I've heard that the Maximo games are the spiritual successors to the G'n'G franchise now, and they haven't even made one of those in awhile.

where to find cheap rants and incognito - My Rants page, maybe?

why is earthbound scary

why is there dead guy at the end of ikari warriors - If you ever find out, please let the rest of us know!

why wasn't there ever a sequel to demon's crest?

wizards and warriors 2 bad?

wizards warriors fabio armor

zelda do do dooo do do doooo do do do do do do

zelda ocarina of time kokiri hump rock



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