Game Music

Welcome to IncognitO's Video Game Music page! First things first, seeing as how we're hosted on and all, I don't see any reason to duplicate anything that can be found on FO's own Music Downloads page. But seeing as how I have my own site now, I also don't see the need to be bugging FO with "Hey! Can you put up this game's music?" requests because I can just put whatever I want here. I don't know what a lot of game music is officially called, and I don't feel like looking up OST's, so I'll just use whatever titles the tracks already have that I rip them from (though I will correct spelling errors as a lot seem to have them), or I'll make up something as appropriate as possible if they're not titled.

Please, no requests. As I play games and find stuff I like, I'll add it. But this isn't meant to be a huge all-inclusive database.

Finally, my rotating update spike will go alongside the tracks I like the absolute most.

Demon's Crest
by Capcom for Super NES, Composer Yuki Iwai

FO already has "The Metropolis of Ruin" here, and she said she'd eventually put up more, but she also said she doesn't care much for this game's overall soundtrack, so she may not be in any hurry. I think I must have liked it a lot more than she did, but to be fair, I think it does work best when you hear it in the game. If I heard it without the context of the environments, I might have also thought it was just a lot of organ music. In the game, it congeals with the atmosphere to provide a sort of eerie "funeral" motif that can send chills up my spine.

A Sunken Aqueduct - This is the music for the hidden part of Level 5, where you're completely underwater in a ruined sunken temple. There's this one part where you swim past windows and can see fish swimming around outside that looks gorgeous with the rippling water effect. The music is so depressing and beautiful at the same time.

Beyond the Coliseum - The Level 1 theme. This sets the stage perfectly for what's to come. Most of the first stage is a very eerie graveyard environment and this song is the perfect example of the "funeral motif" I mentioned earlier. Pure 16-bit church organ beauty!

Catacombs of the Dead - The music in the hidden are of Level 2. This is a part where the lights go off, making it hard for you to see where you're going. Maybe that's why the music starts and stops like it does...symbolizing the lights going on and off.

Caverns of Ice - This is the hidden area of Level 6. This song reminds me a lot of something I once heard in Super Ghouls n' Ghosts, which was also made by Capcom for the Super NES, so maybe that makes sense.

Cursed Towers - The Level 4 music. This one is unusually fast-paced for this game's soundtrack. Probably meant to keep you on your toes since you do a lot of platforming in this area.

Dance of the Snowy Barrens - The Level 6 music. I admit this song is one of my least favorites in the stage themes. It does kind of give the impression of swirling and dancing snow, though.

Legend of Firebrand - This music plays during the opening story sequence that explains what the Demon Realm is and tells how Firebrand got the crests. And what a great intro song it is! Perfectly mood-setting. Eerie and ominous, it's like the musical embodiment of silence.

Memorial of the Fallen Ones - I only ever got the best ending when I played this game, and this was the music that played during the part that showed the names of all the different gargoyle forms that Firebrand gets as well as all the bosses' names. It's essentially a slower remix of "Beyond the Coliseum".

Opening - The title screen music. This one is short, but incredibly sweet, and I almost would have put my rotating spike recommender next to it, except I kind of don't like the way it goes, "Blaaahhhh!!" at the very end. Oh well.

Over the Demon Realm - The overworld music. Next to "Metropolis of Ruin" (which I don't have because FO already has it), this is my favorite song in the game. I swear I could listen to it all day. Boy, does it make the Demon Realm feel like a dark, holy, forsaken place.

Palace of Decadence - The Level 7 theme. There are a lot of (musical, heh) organs in the background of this stage, so yeah, you can expect the music to be dominated by them. Villains always like having organs in their castles, did you ever notice that?

Phalanx Arising - The boss fight with Phalanx, Firebrand's archnemesis. I rarely got to hear this one all the way through because I got so good at beating Phalanx that I'd take him out in a few hits and the song would end prematurely.

The Crests Are Hidden Forever - This is from the ending scene where Firebrand tosses the crests off a cliff. Does this really make any sense? Why would he go through so much trouble to get them only to chuck them away so easily? And then you get the Ultimate Gargoyle form for having all of the crests, even though the ending clearly shows him throwing them away.

The Infinite Demon - If you have all the items in the game and fight Phalanx, he'll have a third and final form, that of a giant dragon sticking up out of a pool of lava, and this is his theme music. Uh, I recognize a sound effect from Breath of Fire in there.

The Shopkeeper - Just kind of a short and spooky one. Don't really know why I included it, but hey. My site, my business, right?

The Throne Refused - I think this might be from one of the endings I didn't get. I don't remember it, anyway.

This Enchanted Forest - The Level 3 theme. Holy fuck when the second half of this area gets burned up! The music is okay, but too bad the level doesn't really compare to the great forest level, Hinom Woods, in Gargoyle's Quest 2.

Within the Tidal Reefs - The Level 5 music. This one gives me the chills! It's like fingers up and down my spine, dude.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
by Nintendo for N64, Composer Koji Kondo

FO's already got a pretty huge collection of songs from this game here, but I'm going to post a few more because she's missing a few that I really like. (I warn you, I'm a total whore for this game's graphics and music.) Most of it, especially the more ambient stuff, works best when heard in the game as it really meshes with the incredible atmosphere for a scrumptious sensory experience. The unique surrealness of it all makes this one of my all-time favorite Zelda games. I think about this game even when I'm not playing it, I see it in my sleep. That's how badly it affects me.

Boss Battle - Most of the game's bosses have this song for the battle music. It's just kind of weird. A lot of banging on a piano, then wailing horns, then a stampede of big bass drums. Pure tribal energy for the most wild and dangerous of Hyrule's monsters.

Deku Tree - This is the music for the cutscenes when you talk to the Deku Tree. If you want the music for the dungeon inside of him, go to FO's site for that. Why did I include this one? Uh, it's just kind of weirdly ominous, I guess...

Dinosaur Boss Battle - Oh, fuck, this one is great! The music for the King Dodongo boss fight in Dodongo's Cavern. He's the only boss who has this music. It's very strange. Until you get to Ganondorf, no other boss will have original music. Makes me wonder if it was once planned for every boss to have its own theme.

Goron City - Wanna know what the weird honking instrument is? It's called a cuica. It's a type of Brazilian samba drum that's also called the "laughing gourd" because of the sound it makes.

Kokiri Forest - A very happy, playing in the fields kind of tune. I really like that harpsichord part near the end. Just one thing: What is up with all the women in this town hitting on me? And Mido saying that I can't be a real man without a fairy? And that kid that's humping a rock? (Okay, that was three things.)

Legend of Hyrule - The Triforce creation cutscene music. This one scares me. I don't know why, but it just does. It's the odd feeling of desolation that the thought of there being nothingness before the world was created by the three goddesses that the cinema gives me, I suppose.

Mini Game - Do-do-do-do, do-dee-do-do do-dee-do-do, dooooo-doooo, dooo-doooo. Do-do-do-do, do-dee-do-do do-dee-do-do, dooooo-doooo, dooo-doooo. Do, do, do, dooo, do-do-do-dooo... DO, DO, DO, DOOO, DO-DO-DO-DOOO! .... Don't look at me like that, okay?

Shooting Gallery - Fine, I won't attempt to sing along with this one. You people are no fun. (Also used for the Bombchu Bowling Alley.)

Shop - S-s-s-s-sambaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Water Temple - This one is majestic, one of the main reasons I wanted to make this site section because FO didn't have it and it's one of my favorite themes in the game. I love the use of sitar and the feeling of the water trickling down and surrounding you. Pure ambient bliss!