Flying Omelette was cool enough to allow us to host IncognitO on her domain. Funny thing is, it's taken us this long to put together a website, but we've known FO a lot longer than most people on the internet have. We actually do remember when her site was nothing but a Top 10 favorite games list and a links page. (Heh) Now, it's so much more than that we can't even begin to describe all of it. Yeah, she had about 10 years to put it all together, but it's still amazing. Most amazing of all is the quality of her game reviews - she's the closest thing video game journalism has to "Roger Ebert". Oh, and the oddities, shrines, music, caption contests, and stuff is all good, too.

Deathamster's Nest
My buddy James and his brother Tyler are the main men running this site now, along with our good friend SethraShnoo. DH still doesn't like me because I broke into her ezboard account a long time ago over a misunderstanding, but that doesn't stop their site from being awesome. It's really hilarious watching James make fun of the old Game Pond posts, especially considering our own history with that place. The Rants and Humor sections have some really great stuff for both Game Pond/Port Saiid veterans and newbies alike, but my personal favorite is the "Forum Jackass" pranks in the DBDH Arena section. Some of Troy's game ideas and crazy song parodies are also hosted here.

The RAU Gallery
The RAU Gallery is also run by FO, but since it's technically its own site now, we're giving it a separate link. It also deserves special mention because of how insanely hilarious it is. It's funny watching FO viciously and remorselessly tear into the lamers who plague her email, forums, and site tracker. (Notice how she never breaks character when confronting them directly in the "Forum Archive Topics" - you would swear it's more than one person.) But that's only half the coin here. The satirical sketch show features an ensemble cast of whimsical characters, great writing and dialogue, and a truly biting sense of humor. 5 Stars!
Though it doesn't have quite as much content as FO's site, the writing here is about on par (check the File Cabinet for some essay awesomeness). There is a focus on Lemmings in both a site section devoted to the games and a comic strip (which got pretty damn funny towards the end, in my opinion). Seems like between FO, Codie, Sethra, DH, and now me, this community has a monopoly on outspoken female video game fans. I wish there were even more.

Sweetbee's Game Hive
The thing I always hear the most about Sweetbee's site is how some dumbass administrator from some other website found the Killdozer section several years ago and didn't realize it was a joke. Anyone who can successfully prank the internet is a-okay in our books! The second thing I hear the most about is the Metal Gear Solid fanart where Snake gets upset because Otacon stole his Totino's party pizza. After hearing so much about that, I stayed up one night and read the whole site (there's a great parody of bad video game webcomics and an hilarious Action 52 review in there somewhere). The only complaint I have is that I wish it was updated more.

Random Hoo Haas
I'm relatively new to this site and it's got a shitload of content. It appears to be the only subdomain that rivals the main domain in size. I've mostly been reading the cartoon episode recaps, especially for the ones I actually remember watching like Mega Man, Transformers, DarkStalkers, and Captain N. There's some great stuff in the "General Writings" (including a section for Red Dwarf!) and it appears that admin Ragey is attempting with much success to make the world's biggest Bomberman shrine. I like the blog and the "Stupid Stuff", too. It's gonna take me awhile to fully explore it.

Rage Quitter 87
This site was apparently spun-off from Random Hoo-Haas by the Admin Formerly Known as Super Galvatron. So, everything that disappeared from RHH has ended up here, including the Final Fight Shrine, the Super Shinobi 2 Shrine, the Regional Differences, and a huge section on Fist of the North Star (which until I read about here, I only knew as an NES game where people's heads explode).

CB007's Archive
Game reviews, some oddities and humor, and a huge archive of all (or at least most) of the Game Progress Topics at Port Saiid. CB007 is one of the community's most frequent posters, and yet I still feel like I don't really know him all that well. Probably my fault for not being around as much lately. I am aware of the Dark Lord jokes, though.

Crawl's Review Site
Crawl is an excellent game reviewer, about the best there is along with Flying Omelette. That extends even beyond his normal game reviews, the "Reader Reviews" are the funniest prank reviews I've ever read. There's some other stuff, like a Yoshi's Island feature and Notes section, too.

The 9th Key
I don't know what this is, and it hasn't been updated since 2006, but I'm pretty sure it's Facilitypro's site and I'm pretty sure he's still a Port Saiid member... maybe even a moderator... he had a really hilarous "Greatest Hits" feature in the RAU Gallery anyway.

Greybob's Igloo
I don't know Greybob that well yet, either, so I quickly read all of his site's content before putting this link up and, whoah, his reviews are actually quite good! Like Sweetbee, just needs to update more.