About IncognitO

Q: Who are you guys?

A: My name is Daryn Versetti. Despite my rather odd first name, I am female. Troy Demetrius is my partner and has been a close real-life friend of mine for many years. We're just a couple of awesome people who like awesome video games, and we want to have a little space for talking about them. That's all.

Q: Why IncognitO?

A: My original internet name was Daryn the IncognitO. When I was a kid and would play video games, I had this idea in my head that I was always the main character of the game. But the reason the character didn't look like me and had a different name is because I was in disguise, hence, "Incognito". Since then, I've gone by several different internet names, including:

PsykoSuma - I am not the original PsykoSuma. I took this name to honor him after he died.

Suma Yang Cat - Made it as a joke on my friend's name, "Kiera Yin Cat". We always thought of each other as "yin" and "yang" - opposites who somehow always balanced each other out.

Rosalie - Joke account based on a picture of someone's cat sitting in a sink.

Minerva K Red - I lost all of my ezboard names because they all got linked under Kiera's account and someone changed the password. So, I switched to this instead. This was the name of the main character in a story called "The Minerva Project" that my friends and I had worked on together before the site it was hosted on went down.

Silent Spook - I only just recently registered that name to pull a prank on someone at Port Saiid.

But when I made this site, I decided to go back to my roots as a gamer and name it after my original internet handle. Troy's most commonly-used internet handles are Lord Boomerang and Lord Vyce/Vice/Viceroy.

Q: Why are all of your NES reviews negative? Are you one of those modern gamers who hates all oldschool games or something?

A: Absolutely not. I don't even play modern games because I can't afford them. The reason all of my reviews are negative is because they came from an idea for a website that a friend and I had years ago. My friend, Kiera Lordens, came up with the idea for us to work on a website together where we would try to review every single NES and Super NES game in her collection. We had the not-so-brilliant idea that I would write all the negative reviews and she would write all the positive reviews, just because we both felt I was better at the negative reviews and she was better at the positive ones. It didn't take us long to realize this was a stupid idea because true critics can't just have all positive or all negative reviews all the time. That, and although we generally had similar tastes, there were times when we weren't going to agree on what was good or bad.

The thing is, though, I had already typed up 10 reviews before we canned the idea and I didn't want to waste them... So I posted them to the Game Pond forums where they became infamously popular. (Kiera had written some reviews, too, and they got archived here and here.)

So, there you have it. Since I wrote those reviews, I wanted to archive them here, even though I don't yet have any positive reviews to balance them out (eventually I will), and it will save me the task of ever having to review those games again.

Q: Do you really expect to make money off such a small website?

A: We're not in this for the money. This is just a hobby for us. If you want to support the site, you can donate to the Paypal link on the main page. However, the money actually goes to the main FlyingOmelette.com domain, which hosts our site for free. I don't even have my own Paypal account and I don't want one. Troy has one, but doesn't want to make it public. I imagine any donations to this site would be small and I'd rather that little bit of extra change go to keeping the site alive since we're not paying for it anyway.

Q: Hey! I've already seen these articles at this other website!

A: Over the years, Troy and I allowed our work to be archived at other sites that are run by people we know, mostly FlyingOmelette.com and Deathamster's Nest. Now that we have our own site, we want to include the best of our work here, too. However, we are not going to rescind the permission we already granted to those sites. If they want to keep displaying it, fine. If not, fine. We've started off by archiving old stuff to get it out of the way because it's easier, and once that's done, we'll concentrate on fresh new articles.

Q: Don't you feel you should apologize to people about what you did to the Game Pond?

A: The rest of these questions I made up because they were questions I could imagine people might have about our site, even though they haven't actually been asked yet. But I have been asked this and I've occasionally seen posts around the community suggesting I owe some kind of apology, too.

My answer, however, is no. The people I am friends with all agreed that what Troy and I did was for the best. The people who were angry with us for it never apologized for any of their shit, so why should I for mine?

I helped create the place and I helped end it when it was time. (I am the Alpha and the Omega!) The only person I owed an apology to was DH for messing up her board when I misunderstood something about it, and I already did that. She's still mad at me for it, but I don't mind. I still think DBDH Arena is awesome. Heh.

And if people really want to think of me as a "bad guy" for what I did, then so what? I don't mind it. :)