UPDATE 6/16/2012: I threw together an article about Strange and Funny Box Art in the Oddness section! -Daryn

UPDATE 6/9/2012: Hey, I'm back! And what better thing to do than to see how people have been finding this site in the two years of my absence. Check out Crazy Search Strings in the Oddness section! -Daryn

UPDATE 4/25/2010: I have a new article in the pranks section. I'm going to need an update log soon... -Daryn

UPDATE 4/18/2010: I have a music section now! Hey, it seems like everyone else has one, so why not me? I'm not gonna try to rival FO's music section, I'm just going to put up stuff I find that I like as I play through various games. I'm also not going to duplicate anything that can already be found at FO's site. I'll be working on a few more new articles soon, too. -Daryn

UPDATE 3/28/2010: I wrote a review for Demon's Crest in the reviews section and it's the first game review for this site that isn't entirely negative! With this, we are now officially open for business. I'll be preparing to make the announcement on Port Saiid soon. -Daryn

UPDATE 3/24/2010: The Rants section has a new article called, "A Word of Warning", written in response to someone who found this site before we were really ready and decided to complain to FO about it. I also updated the button for Greybob's Igloo on the links page. Uh, why is it taking me so long to get this site ready, you wonder? I've been totally addicted to Demon's Crest in my spare time. I wanted to get one more non-Game Pond-related original article to the site before officially unveiling it, and I'm halfway between another installment of "Games That Scared the Shit Outta Me" or a Demon's Crest review...or maybe both. But here's what the plan is: Whether or not I have anything finished by then, I will unveil the site on April 1st. No, that's not an April Fool's joke. I figure if I don't have a new article ready by then, I'll be pretty close to having one, anyway. -Daryn

UPDATE 3/9/2010: The Pranks section is now up. I started by archiving my game ideas and the best of Troy's game ideas (Troy omitted a few he didn't think were very good). I also have an article devoted to me being an ass on ezboard. -Daryn

UPDATE 3/8/2010: The Oddness section now has two articles on "Games That Scared the Shit Outta Me", starting with EarthBound, which had so much creepy crap in it, it took two articles to explain it all. These are the first truly original articles I've written for this site. My writing is a little rusty. Haven't done much in years, hope to improve by working on this site. -Daryn

UPDATE 3/7/2010: All the PsykoSuma Reviews have been added to the Reviews section. The About section now works and so does the Rants section. There is one rant about our involvement in the Game Pond's demise. We don't wish to focus on the Game Pond too much at this website. But since there's been a lot of talk about what we did there over the years, and it's something a lot of people associate with us now, we thought we'd just get it out of the way first and then we'll move on to better things. -Daryn

UPDATE 3/6/2010: We now have a forum. We've gone with Yuku because we already have Yuku accounts and most of our friends already use Yuku so they won't have to register new accounts. We don't expect the forum to be a huge hub of activity. We've just decided that we'd rather have a forum for site feedback than a public email. Neither Troy nor I want to put our personal email addys on this site due to spam and other issues, and I don't feel like creating a site-specific email that I'd have to check every day. So, forum it is. -Daryn

UPDATE 3/5/2010: The Links page is completed. There were several sites I couldn't find a button for so I made my own (RAU Gallery, CB007, Greybob's Igloo). They're kind of crappy, but it still looks better than it did when I just had text links to those sites. I tried to get everyone I know from Port Saiid that has a website, but if I missed anybody let me know. I should have a forum up tomorrow, you can request a link there. -Daryn

UPDATE 3/4/2010: We are not yet open for business. If you ended up here through some strange turn of events, please do not link to this site until we say it's okay. -Daryn


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